Why You Should Intern with a Small Agency

Why intern with BGD

Why intern with BGD

Whether you are currently in college, have just graduated, or are interested in expanding your knowledge in a certain field, internships can be incredibly beneficial, and there are many factors to consider when deciding where to intern. Some jobs can be more fun and rewarding than others, but working at a smaller ad agency can prove to be the best choice. Here’s our reasons why interning at a small agency like BG Digital Group is the best:

  1. Knowing Everyone in the Office
    One perk of working at a small firm is that you’ll get to know everyone in the office and get a taste of what each person does. This helps allow you to see the dynamics of a firm and how it runs from top to bottom. No face is unfamiliar and there is always someone friendly to turn to when you need help or guidance.
  2. Working with Small, Unique Businesses
    Small firms located in smaller towns get a little bit of everything when it comes to clients, and that’s a good thing. Some days you work on projects for a small, local business, the next you could be working on a national campaign for a lifestyle brand. No two days as an intern at BG Digital Group are the same.
  3. Getting Experience with Nearly Everything
    On top of working with a wide variety of clients, you’ll also work on a variety of items on a to-do list. In a smaller firm, you have to wear multiple hats and while your main projects are in your wheelhouse, you’ll get to work on other projects that expand your knowledge. Working on unfamiliar tasks and projects gives you the chance to discover an unknown passion you never knew you had. You may have thought you wanted to specialize in graphic design and realize you have a real knack for blog writing. You’ll never have a dull day, and you’ll have a variety of work to add to a resumé.
  4. Avoiding “Intern Work”
    Since there’s so much to do with our clients, interns will never be swept under the corporate rug of doing “intern work,” like getting coffee or sorting through files. Our graphic design interns create display ads and digital marketing interns will help strategize remarketing campaigns, all while our social media interns write blogs and other content. At BG Digital Group, interns are encouraged to seek opportunities for work in areas they are interested in or passionate about but haven’t gotten a chance to learn about yet. Small firms want their interns to be totally involved in the business, not just be there for coffee support.

At BG Digital, we offer an enjoyable and rewarding internship experience that will serve you and your resumé well. We’re excited to say that BG Digital Group will be extending its intern program into the fall! Contact us today to apply or for more information.

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