How Do You Know When It’s Time To Rebrand?

Andy Pigott

You may have noticed a few changes happening with our company over the past few weeks. We’ve been trying out something new, and we hope you like it as much as we do: it’s our new name, BG Digital Group. But it’s a lot more than just a sticker on the door. It’s a shift in our focus toward digital marketing. Everything that we do to market businesses is customer-centric and driven by digital, and it’s time for a name that reflects how we do business. How do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

We’re Adding New Faces
Andy PigottAs much as we’ve loved being your Bellagurls, we know that ladies aren’t the only ones with great marketing skills. Having successfully served both national and international corporations in the realm of finance, logistics and business management, Andy decided to lend his expertise to Bellagurl, now BG Digital Group. Andy is well versed in strategic planning and sales processes, and has truly streamlined our processes since joining the team. By changing our agency’s name to BG Digital Group, we can encourage more great minds like Andy to join our team.

We’ve Changed Our Marketing Message

Bellagurl wanted a name that would reflect our wide array of services. We are a digital marketing agency – we focus on social media marketing, sleek, responsive web design, and excellent SEO to drive customers to your website organically.

Our Name Needed to Help Us Stay Relevant

Traditional marketing deals with tangible items, like a brochure you can hand out to potential customers, billboards people might see on their way to work, or ads that come on during our favorite primetime shows both on television and online. Digital marketing is different: it takes place online, on an ever-changing platform, and there are new opportunities for how it can be used popping up every day. We are constantly staying updated and educating ourselves on how we use both digital marketing and traditional marketing to complement and promote your company or event because we want to stay relevant, and our name should reflect that.

We Want You To Know – We’re Still the Same People!

Bellagurl Marketing

BG Digital Group

In about 50% of rebranding cases, the business’ logo remains almost completely unchanged. Can you notice what subtle change we made to ours? Look closely – it’s the eyelashes! With the shift from female-focused to a well-blended digital family, we made the decision to lose this girly touch. It will be missed! But our logo remains largely unchanged because we want you to still recognize us as the same marketing firm that has become a trusted name in eastern North Carolina and beyond since 2007. We’re still the same company, now more dedicated than ever before to helping your business prosper in the marketing world. We still create marketing that matters.

Are you ready for the change? As of July 1st, 2015, Bellagurl will officially make the change to BG Digital Group. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for live links to our new website and new ways to contact the BG Digital team once the change has been made! Thanks for sticking around! We love being one of the best digital agencies on the Crystal Coast, and in all of North Carolina, and we can’t wait to continue delivering marketing that matters as BG Digital Group!

As of July 1st, our domain will change to You can still contact us at the same number, (252) 726-0169, and you can visit our contact page for more information on how to get in touch with the BG Digital Team. Thank you for being patient while we make this transition!

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