5 Ways to Improve Your Google Rank Right Now

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Find my websiteAre you frustrated that your website isn’t helping you reach your marketing goals? A website redesign can completely change the way clients view your business, but you won’t see a return on investment without consistently updating your content. The key to drawing the right customers to your website is to understand what your ideal client, and what Google, is searching for.

How Does Google Find My Website? 

The way Google Search finds new websites is by crawling through the Internet, dissecting every bit of content that it finds. The more times the Google bot is linked back to the same content, the higher it will rank. Take a look at trending websites like Buzzfeed. Social media users share their articles all the time to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Bloggers use their articles as sources and link to the site in their posts. If you were crawling through all of the content on the Internet, chances are you would come back to Buzzfeed many, many times.

If your website is brand new, chances are that you don’t have very many links to your site. It will take Google at least a week to find and crawl through your website, then you will be ranked. The idea is to be on the first page of the search results for a keyword phrase, but don’t expect that to happen right away.

Which Keywords Should I Try to Rank For?

Keywords that are too broad will be extremely competitive. If you’re a family dentistry practice and you try to rank for the phrase, “best dentist,” you’ll be waiting a long time to see results. Try adding more specifics to narrow down the search results. It will be much easier to rank for a phrase like “best dentist in Lexington, NC.”

What Can I Do to Improve My Ranking Right Now?

  1. Create a company blog. Write relevant articles using the keywords that you would like to rank for. Don’t write an article that wouldn’t be useful to your ideal customer. Think of what you would be searching for on Google when it comes to your particular niche.
  2. Consider your meta tags. Using your phrases in the meta description of each of your pages will improve your keyword ranking.
  3. Make an effort to include inbound links. For example, if your latest blog references a previous blog post, include a link to it. If you mention a service that you offer, lead the reader to that landing page. Keep the visitor on your page for longer and they will be more likely to become a lead, or at the very least, engage with your content.
  4. Link to social media. Always include links on your website and inside every blog to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or any other platform that you may be a part of, and link to your website from those platforms. More links = better Google rank.
  5. Track what people find “shareable.” If one blog post receives a lot of engagement, ask yourself why. Was it controversial? Did it solve a significant problem for the reader? Did it lead them to an excellent product or service that you offer? Did it ask them a question? Whatever it is, keep doing that!

If your business is willing to take the time to create amazing content that is valuable to visitors, you can start to improve your Google rank for specific keyword phrases sooner than you think. That’s why we always recommend building websites with a blog. It opens up the opportunity to share relevant content and have an ongoing cContact Usonversation with your audience.

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