3 Holiday Campaigns that will Bring Joy to Your Social Media Followers

Holiday Marketing

Whether we are ready or not, the holiday season is officially here. The last couple months of the year are filled with family gatherings, great food, traditions, and lots of spending. So much spending, in fact that the National Retail Federation forecasts a 3.6 percent increase in retail sales in November and December of 2016, and online sales are predicted to rise between 7 and 10 percent over last year.

Is your business prepared for this spike in customer spending? If not, we can help. Launching a holiday-themed social media campaign can ensure holiday consumers are shopping with you and create lasting reach and visibility for your brand that will carry into the New Year and beyond.

  1. Customer Appreciation Campaign
    Everyone loves to feel appreciated, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Set up a large giveaway or run a series of smaller gifts over a short period of time. Use the share feature on social media platforms as the form of contest entry and pick a random winner or the user who shared the most frequently or gained you the most interaction online. Another contest style to try is a photo contest. To receive credit for entering the contest, customers must share a personal photo of them using your product or services. Customers will get creative and this creativity can be shared with your entire social media following – increasing brand awareness.
  1. Use your social media to share holiday discounts
    Share exclusive offers with your social media audience. This will not only make them feel more connected to your company than your offline customers, but it will encourage them to buy something they might not have originally purchased without the discount. This could just be a simple 15% off one item or free shipping, it does not have to be a lot to motivate them to make a purchase – it just has to be something. Be sure to include working links to your web page and discounted products in your posts.
  1. Use holiday sales to support a charity
    Whether your business already has a particular charity that is near and dear to its heart or if you are just looking to give back this year, supporting local charities this time of year is a great way to attract new customers. Knowing that they are not only purchasing goods, but also doing good for their community is a great way to inspire customers to shop with you this holiday season.

Launching a successful social media campaign in itself can be tricky enough, and when you add in the holiday aspect to it, it can be nearly impossible. Our social media experts at BG Digital Group have the experience and knowledge to design and develop an original campaign that will drive sales and leave customers talking about your holiday sales all the way into the New Year.

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