Updating Old Content To Boost SEO

“Man with SEO concept”, by <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_123rfexclusive'>123rfexclusive</a>, licensed under 123RF FREE Image License
“Man with SEO concept”, by 123rfexclusive, licensed under 123RF FREE Image License


Are you struggling for new website content or does your content look tired and outdated? Here’s a quick tip: With just a few tweaks you could revive a prior blog post or page while boosting your SEO!

Google likes it when you add fresh content to your website so making changes to your existing content with better targeted keywords might be a great solution for you. For website content, it’s all about SEO (search engine optimization) rankings and you should always work towards improving your content. Below are a list of things you can change or add in order to raise your SEO rank.

  • Review analytics – Check your analytics to review your existing content. Look for your most popular pages or blog posts that are getting traffic but you could improve somewhat. These are perfect for a refresh! Make a list of those pages or posts and get to work.
  • Read through the content – Once you’ve created your list, begin reading each page or post. Look for sections of content that are out of date. There could be an area that refers to an old event or news item or there could be a broken link that no longer works. Next update any old content.
  • Add new content – Remember, Google loves fresh content so it helps your SEO. Review your existing content to see what you could add like new information or processes to write about. Next, share this new information with your reader.
  • Add images/video – Your readers love images and video, so if your existing page or post doesn’t use media effectively, add some. This can help your readers engage with your content when they reach your website. Images, graphics and videos also encourage people to stay on your website for longer, which gives you more chances to generate new leads or sales. Longer stays on your website also helps your SEO rankings.
  • Internal linking – Make sure each page or post links to other pages or posts on your website. If you have a blog post that talks about a service you offer, link to the service page of your website. Internal linking also helps increase your SEO ranking as it promotes exploration on your website, multiple page visits and extended time visiting.

If you would like help with a website refresh to increase your SEO rankings or just to improve the visitor experience, reach out to us today! Our team of designers and content creators know just what you need to create a successful website.

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