Google Makes Mobile a Priority: How to Maintain Your Search Ranking

mobile website search ranking

For years, our industry has seen a push toward mobility. As users rely more heavily on mobile devices, businesses have been urged to create mobile-friendly, responsive websites. Now, in a sense, businesses are being forced to make this change. Google is updating its search algorithm and if you’re interested in having your website rank, you’ll want to pay attention.

How does Google Search currently work?

Google sends crawlers across the web that search for keywords in content, website URLs, alt-tags, external links, and the like. These crawlers then organize their findings based on algorithms to present searchers with the most accurate results. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO, a specialty of our digital marketing team) is a necessary component of your business’ website.

What’s changing with mobile?

While the foundation of the algorithm is not changing, the subject of what the algorithm is looking for will be different. Google wants to put mobile first, and is focused on ranking fully responsive, user-friendly mobile sites higher on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While realizing that the majority of searches are now coming from devices (smartphones, tablets, wearable technologies), Google is shifting their algorithm to rank mobile-friendly sites and rank them at the top of search results on their SERP.

Like all Google updates, this change will not be immediate, but Mashable warns, “With this move, Google’s message is very clear: The time to adapt to mobile is now.” If your site is lacking a functional mobile version, don’t fret! BG Digital Group can help you keep your website responsive in order to retain the highest search engine ranking.

BG Digital Group is a Google Partner Agency with multiple Google Certified team members. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their search engine optimization and ranking goals. Contact us today for a website audit to find out how your business’ website is performing.

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