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Tips on using Emojis in marketing

3 Tips to Better Use Emojis in Business

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “emoji”? Perhaps the word is associated with playfulness, texting, or even a hilarious text you sent your best friend last week. Whatever the connotation may be, the use of emojis in business are continuously evolving. A few years ago they would have been deemed unprofessional…

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Tips to Successfully Run Facebook Ads

5 Tips to Successfully Run Facebook Ads

If you aren’t keeping track, Facebook algorithms are always changing and so is the way Facebook delivers ads. Facebook, now one of the top advertising platforms, is expected to top its over $40 billion in ad revenue from 2017. Businesses both big and small are flocking to Facebook in droves to advertise for three simple…

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6 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Gone are the days when traditional marketing practices are all your business needs to succeed. If you sell any kind of product, have a story to tell or want people to recognize your brand, you need an Instagram account. A strong social media strategy is vital for success, so we’ve put together 6 tips to…

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Tips to stay relevant on Facebook

4 Steps to Staying Relevant on Facebook in 2019

Facebook isn’t slowing down any time soon. With 2.23 billion users logging into the platform every month, it’s safe to say your audience (and your competitors) are using Facebook to stay engaged with friends and businesses. But with so many users, things can get complicated when it comes to staying relevant on Facebook. To help…

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Facebook Update

Are You Aware of The New Facebook Update For Businesses?

There are many changes that Facebook institutes each month. The latest changes coming to Facebook involve how they are tracking visitors. Recently, Facebook sent an update to all of its business users. You can read the quote below. “On October 24, Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with the Facebook pixel. This…

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businesses utilize Instagram TV

How Businesses Can Utilize Instagram TV

Instagram has now reached 1 billion users and is the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube. Recently, CEO Kevin Systrom announced that the popular site would be releasing Instagram TV, a feature that can let users of the app create even more content. IGTV allows users to post videos up to an…

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Facebook Ads

Making Bang for Your Buck With Facebook Ads

Do you have experience running Facebook ads? Most people who are familiar with social media do, usually because of the attractive rates of advertising. After trying a few rounds of advertising, it seems like most beginners’ ads fall short, and it becomes difficult to pinpoint exactly what budgets and methods work and get the most…

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Tip to never waste content

Three Tips On How to Never Waste Content Again

Content marketing is one of the toughest things to do when trying to manage your business’ marketing plan. Why? Because content must be created to be interesting, different, and high-quality at all times. It’s not just business owners that struggles with this; even the best marketers with years of experience can run into road blocks…

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