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Sharable Content

Create Shareable Content That Will Increase Your Site Traffic

Shareable content makes your audience want to interact and create discussion about an idea, brand, or other interesting topic. This can range from funny videos and inspirational quotes that you want to share with your friends, to serious current events or helpful, problem solving tips. If you are giving your audience a purpose and helping…

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Is Your Logo Effective for Your North Carolina Small Business?

As a full-service, advertising and marketing agency in North Carolina, we have all of bases covered conveniently in one place for everything your business needs. Not only do we have a team full of expert marketing professionals, we also have a talented graphic designer in our lineup. Our art director, Susan Yates, has been with…

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Creating a Great Infographic

Information Quickly and Clearly Infographics help us to understand information through visuals by using graphs and other tactics that improve someone’s comprehension of a subject. Using these tools can help a viewer understand a complex topic or product in a matter of a few minutes. Everyone learns in different ways. That’s why it’s important to…

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Marketing With Video Engages And Attracts

When putting together your marketing plan, it’s important to ensure you set aside part of your monthly strategy for video marketing. Why? Because 87% of consumers would like to see more video from brands in 2019. In fact, a Facebook executive recently noted that Facebook will be all video within five years. In 2018, video…

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

After all the shopping and eating, Giving Tuesday is here to remind us of what the holiday season is truly about: showing kindness to those around us! We have so much to be thankful for this year, from good health to strong friendships, but most importantly we are thankful for our clients! We have the…

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StoryBrand Guide

What Is StoryBrand and How Can It Help Your Business?

Most businesses think they are delivering clear messaging about what they offer and how they improve the lives of their customers. Most businesses also suffer from the “curse of knowledge.” That means they have spent so much time in their business or industry and are so familiar with it that they don’t realize others may…

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Jump On The Trend of Influencer Marketing

Think of the individuals you follow on social media and the last time they posted about a product. Did you find their post interesting? Maybe you even clicked to check out the product. People tend to trust what their friends and family have to say and this plays into marketing as well. Influencers are those…

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Voice Search

Voice Search in Digital Marketing

You may be seeing more individuals using voice search in daily tasks, but it has also increased in the marketing realm as well. Today, most searches are dominated by voice using digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa. ComScore even estimates that more than half of the searches performed will be done through voice search…

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RIP Google AdWords

RIP Google Adwords

On July 24th, Google made some changes regarding the branding of their advertising platform in an attempt to simplify their advertising services. Previously, Google offered a service for businesses known as Google Adwords. Adwords allowed businesses to pay to place search engine results for their website on a search engine results page (SERP) and included…

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E-mail Campaign

4 Things To Know When Creating A Great E-Mail Campaign

For decades, email has been an easy and convenient way for people, businesses, and organizations to reach out and communicate. Today, the almost 3.8 billion email users access their emails not only on their computers, but with their mobile devices. Email is one of the top communication channels. Email campaigns allow businesses to communicate with…

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