How to Create a Great Lead Magnet

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A lead magnet is an effective marketing tool that offers free value to a prospective customer. A great lead magnet is the first step in the process of turning a visitor into a loyal customer.

For many business owners, creating a lead magnet can feel overwhelming. They simply don’t know where to get started and what to include. That very issue is probably the reason why you’re reading this blog post today!

So what makes a lead magnet so effective? Our team member, Cheryl Pigott, a certified StoryBrand Guide. I’ve been trained specifically through StoryBrand on how to create great lead magnets. Let’s get started.

Here are some thought points to get you started:

  • What problems do your customers have? – The first step is to think about the problems that your customers have. These are typically the type of problems that you’re solving with your products or services. For example, landscape gardeners help their clients to improve their outdoor spaces. This could be through cutting the lawns, trimming hedges, adding new plants and more. Their customers either lack time or don’t have the expertise, which means they need to hire a landscape gardener.
  • What can you create to help? – Now that you’ve thought about the problems your audience suffers from, what can you offer them that will help them solve one of their problems? A good rule of thumb is to think about what you could teach or assist someone with that they can complete in an hour or less. This gives your new lead the opportunity to receive a quick win, getting immediate value from the expertise that you share.
  • Which format is best for your customers? – Lead magnets can come in many different formats. They could be a downloadable ebook, a checklist, a workbook, a video course, an email course or something else. What you need to consider is who you’re creating your lead magnet for. How would that person usually consume content? Answering this question will help to steer you in the right direction.
  • Creating your lead magnet – Now you’re ready to create your lead magnet. You’ll do this in your chosen format, for example, if you’re creating a downloadable ebook, you could consider using a tool like Canva. Once you’ve completed the ebook, you can export it via PDF so you have the finished file. Note: This is a section where you could go into more detail using images or video.
  • Sharing your lead magnet – To share your lead magnet, you’ll be using email automation. This enables someone to sign up on your website at any time of the day and start receiving the content you’ve created.  
  • Following up with your new lead – The final step is to make sure that you’re following up with your new leads. You can do this through an email nurturing sequence. This is a series of emails that provide some additional value and, ultimately, a call to action where you’re asking the reader to take the next step. For example, you could ask the reader to book a call with you or to purchase a product or service.

If you need help setting up a lead magnet and nurturing sequence, give us a call. As a certified StoryBrand guide, Cheryl is trained in writing emotional sales letters that tell a story to lead to a sale. In fact, she works with many clients to implement their StoryBrand Marketing Message to clarify the message of their clients.