Camp Albemarle Puts the Amp in Camp & Bellagurl Amps Their Marketing

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When a business has been around for over 60 years, sometimes they can get stuck doing what they have always done to reach customers. Bellagurl was delighted when Camp Albemarle contacted us to be their digital marketing agency in 2014 because they recognize that in order to keep up with the times, you must keep on top of trends. Camp Albemarle understands that to reach families you have to speak to them in multiple venues. Families are online, at home, and outside so through social media, a new website, and awesome events, Camp Albemarle, with the help of Bellagurl, is reaching their target demographics.

In early 2014, we began managing Camp Albemarle’s social media and we were excited to share that registrations were up during their spring enrollment period. We’re hoping that by starting now to promote enrollment, we’ll be even further ahead than last year’s goals.

A new website was launched this summer to showcase visually all of their offerings. Now, families can view the adventures that campers can have while easily perusing the upcoming events and camps.

Recently, Camp Albemarle has hosted several events, their Camp Free 4 All and their Adventure Trek as a way to engage the community and pull back families for fun at the camp throughout the year. Keep an eye out for future events as their team is always thinking up new and exciting things to host at the camp!

Now, the Bellagurl team has designed some print collateral to help market to their two demographics: kids and parents. We helped create reminder post cards for kids and parents to stay top of mind as they may begin making their plans for next summer.

Camp Albemarle has been a very fun client for Bellagurl. We have enjoyed learning more about what they do and also their vision for the future. They may be over 60, but you would never know it.

If you would like to amp up your marketing, call Bellagurl. We are a top digital marketing agency in North Carolina that specializes in social media management, website design and creative campaigns. We’ll dive right in  and help your business climb to the top through marketing that matters.

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