7 Steps to Better Pinterest Marketing

Do you use Pinterest to gather ideas for holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, and more? You’re not the only one. Pinterest is a great social media search engine. It’s the perfect way to find branded content and creative ideas shared from businesses big and small from all over the world, and if you have a small business, it could be your opportunity to get your best brand exposure yet.

Start by setting yourself up as a business account. It’s okay if you already set up an account as personal. Pinterest makes it really simple to switch, so you can keep all the followers you already have. Just be sure to unpin anything that doesn’t directly relate to or compliment your brand.

Pinterest sets up business accounts with an impressive analytics suite. With a simple copy and paste of some code into your website, you can access all the features you need to track how many potential customers are clicking to see more on your website. If you’re not a code whiz, that’s okay. Our web designerhas you covered.

It’s time to start building your profile. Make sure you have all your most pertinent information right where your customers can see them – your logo, name of your business, tagline, location, website, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

But what if I offer a service, not a product? 

You can still create visually stunning graphics to represent your work on Pinterest. These are called rich pins. They have high quality photography, graphics, and a brief description within a long, skinny pin, so you get all the information you want to know about what’s on the other side of that click.

Once you have enough pins to cover all of your products and services, you can organize your pins into boards, the equivalent of the categories you would normally list on your website. Only create as many boards as you can fill. Think of your ideal customer, and what kind of content they would be looking for that is complimentary to your brand. Don’t be afraid to pin from other businesses, as long as they’re not your competition.

Now, don’t forget to repeat your content! Not everyone will see that one pin, so it’s okay to have multiple pins for the same product or service. Stay consistent in your design and your frequency, and use your analytics to make positive changes.

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