Bender Apparel’s 4 Components of Successful Digital Marketing

Bender Zoo

Meeting all the wickets for successful marketing in today’s digital climate can be daunting for a business owner. Thankfully, BG Digital Group is here to help ease the pain and allow businesses to focus on taking care of their customers, which is what they do best. One great example of a business that is using inbound marketing to market their business is Bender Apparel and we are excited to call them one of our client partners. And what an exciting and energizing experience this relationship has been!

BG Digital Group partnered with them to design and develop their brand new website. Once that was launched, we rolled into marketing it online through inbound marketing by utilizing blogs, online videos, email marketing and social media marketing to increase their leads and online footprint.

Let’s look at their four components of digital marketing success and why they are so important to boosting business!Bender Apparel

  1. Website Design and Development: Nearly everyone uses the internet, especially when looking for products and services. Without a website, your business may not exist to the entire online population. Do you understand the ins and outs of blogging, SEO, AdWords, CMS, Meta Data, etc? This is the exact reason a professional should design your website as they think about the various things that help you get noticed online. Bender Apparel’s website is fully responsive and gives customers what they need instantly, online quoting. Now potential buyers can see exactly how much promotional tee shirts will cost them. Problem solved and everyone is happy.
  2. Social Media Marketing and Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the social media platforms seem endless. It is reported that they are used by 81% of the US population; even grandparents regularly use Facebook and the 50+ age group is one of the fastest growing segments. With that much exposure to potential clients, having your business on social media seems to be a no-brainer. We worked with Bender Apparel to find a fun way to catch eyes on social media, increase traffic to their website and increase engagement among their followers. Check out their Facebook page here and see if you can tell what their secret sauce is.
  3. Video Production: Online videos appeal to mobile users. They increase traffic to your brand. People like to watch content over reading content. Videos create emotions. Videos explain products or services in detail. How savvy are you with video production? Check out Bender Apparel’s recent online video that tells the story of their Bender Zoo.
  4. Email Marketing: Emailing potential and past customers builds and maintains your relationship with them. It’s inexpensive and easily keeps customers informed of your upcoming specials, new products, and events.

We’ve had a blast sharing our knowledge and creativity with their wild team! Check out the Bender Apparel website and don’t forget to take a peek at their catchy video about the Bender Zoo below.

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