SEO: Necessary Evil of Today’s Marketing Websites

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Many businesses assume that the more people who view your website, the higher they will rank in search engines. But how will they find you? Making sure that your website is attractive to the search engines themselves will help to raise your rankings, to ensure that customers will find you as well.

In order for your website to have a healthy balance for search engines and customers, a good place to start is having a purpose for your website. To cater to your visitors, you’ll need simple and clean navigation that moves them through your site purposefully.

Search engines are looking for specific keywords that they know users are looking for. Placing their keywords and phrases strategically through your website directs the search engines to your website. It also attracts the consumers to continue browsing through your site.

Google has over 200 different factors that go into their ranking system, and that’s just Google! The 2013 Google Panda update emphasizes the content and relevance of your website. That’s why it is so important to create a distinctive website. Along with the Panda update, there are a few other algorithms that may slow down your search. The Pigeon, Penguin and Hummingbird updates all have specific criteria as well. SEO is a targeted technique to work through this obstacle and to keep your website relevant and intriguing.

If your visitors are unable to browse through your website with ease, then neither can the search engines. Small parts of the site, such as busy navigations or pages without content, can hinder the user experience, not allowing you to connect with them. You want to ensure that your search engine optimization is up to par, allowing your visitors and the search engines to understand the purpose of your site. That way the next time they need the services you provide, they will know who to call.

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