6 Eye Catching Font Pairings From Chelsea


When it comes to graphic design, our intern Chelsea always starts with type. A self-described font-aholic, Chelsea spends a lot of time pairing fonts to use for logos, graphics, and other projects around our office. She’s an expert on the rules of typography, and as she very well should be – Chelsea has three degrees, and is looking to pursue her Masters in design.


“When putting graphics together for blog posts, websites, or my own DIY projects, like invitations or thank you cards, I’m always playing around and combining different fonts to see what works together and what doesn’t. Here are a few of my favorite combinations – each of these fonts are free or donation based for personal use. Enjoy!”

font paring

What makes these font pairings so eye-catching?

They contrast each other, not conflict each other. Paired fonts can either share a few qualities or be opposites, but if two fonts are too similar, they will conflict. To get technical, a well-paired font family may have similar cap heights. Or, they might be opposite in style. These fonts work well together because beautiful, elaborate scripts are paired with easy-to-read, simpler fonts.

How Do I Choose?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your options, that’s okay. There are millions of downloadable fonts online, and that can be daunting. That’s why we leave it all to our graphic designer, who carefully chooses eye catching font pairings for everything from logos to website designs.

Where Can I Get These Fonts?

Right here.

CresildaAvenir Next CondensedJanda Stylish ScriptFilosofiaBallerina ScriptGeorgiaCK Ali’s HandBlanchCheddar JackGlamorSweet PeaJosefin Slab.

Click each font for artist credit and to download for your personal use. Avenir Next Condensed, Georgia, and Josefin Slab are also found on most Microsoft Office Suites.

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