Building a Brand Personality with Rosalind


Meet Rosalind.


She’s our agency administrator at BG Digital Group, and a brave soul who manages to be an integral part of our team while also pursuing a degree in International Hospitality Business Management from the University of Derby, UK. Rosalind takes pride in helping to organize and streamline processes in the business, creating not only an efficient office, but a delightful customer experience. She is proof that a company is more than just the services it offers. Just like Rosalind, a brand can have a very unique personality. Today, she’s lending us some lessons learned about building a brand from some of her favorites.

Brand Personality: Anthropologie


This company does a beautiful job of making sure that they are more than their products. Anthropologie is promoting a lifestyle in everything they do, from the scent of the candles they burn in the store, to the color of their walls, to the texture of their fabrics. Everything is carefully selected to reflect their personality: seeing life through the lense of a creative mind.

As a business, we spend time taking into consideration the impression we leave on a client from the moment they first call to the last time they walk out of the door. The logo, colors, window display, customer experience, office decor, and social media style all reflect the people who inhabit the office, creating a sense of closeness to the BG Digital Family.

Brand Personality: Williams Sonoma

William Sonoma

They have found their niche market and stuck with it. Williams Sonoma is for those who appreciate both beauty and functionality in the kitchen, who take pride in having beautiful, powerful appliances and tools.
In order to find niche markets for each one of our clients, our market research consists of getting to know your business on a personal level. To understand how customers see you, you need to witness those human moments that give your brand personality. Find your ideal customer and tailor the customer experience to that person.

Brand Personality: J. Crew

J Crew

This brand draws in adventure and whimsy in such a simple way. They have created this imaginary lifestyle – some say it might even be unattainable – but J. Crew creates the feeling of being one step closer to this perfect, dream life with every product. They draw people from all walks of life towards their stores and let them touch a piece of perfection.
I love the way our blog draws all people in. Our content isn’t just for other marketing experts. We have something for everyone, because anyone can benefit from information about how to not only market a business, but how to market yourself. We want anyone to take a peek inside of our office and see what we do every day in a fun, interactive way, and blogging allows that to happen.
PierreIf you ask Rosalind what her favorite thing in the world is, she’ll most likely say Pierre, her cat. But her favorite thing about the office? “We personally invest in our clients. BG Digital Group is a personal, approachable, dynamic team with a wide set of skills, and we’re always ready to push boundaries and stay ahead of the curve.”

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