Prepare A Style Guide For Your Marketing And Advertising Team

Sapphire Staging and Styling

From a logo, website, social media marketing, print materials and more, having a cohesive style for your brand is essential to success. By crafting a basic style guide for your business, you’ll be equipping you and your team with the tools they need to properly present your brand to consumers.

So, what is a brand style guide? A basic style guide is a document that dictates exactly how your brand should look and communicate – such as font type, brand colors, graphics and more – with consumers. This will be used across all aspects of your marketing and advertising to ensure your content always represents your business.

The common components of a brand style guide include the following:


A basic style guide should include any of the primary and secondary logos that your company uses, including colors, sizing, placement and graphics.


Your basic brand guide should include color formats for primary and secondary brand colors including CMYK (for print) and Hex Codes (for web) for proper design of print materials, website and social media platforms.


Typefaces are available in various weights and styles and can be manipulated in different ways, including uppercase, lowercase, bold and italic. You should define which typefaces are used and how it should always be included as part of your basic style guide. It should include the names of primary and secondary typefaces, the different weights used and descriptions of how elements, such as titles or body copy should be styled.

Our team recently created a basic style guide for Sapphire Style and Staging, a new home staging company launching in Virginia Beach, VA. The client wanted something crisp and modern and the final design achieved just that. You’ll notice our Art Director, Susan, included the logo in primary and secondary color formats, the color values and details on typeface.

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