What We Learned at #AADigital


Last week BG Digital Group attended the Digital Conference in New York City presented by Advertising Age in order to learn more about digital marketing trends. It was an honor to attend this conference and we want to thank Ad Age for having us. Sitting amongst other advertising professionals at Pier 36, we learned so much about how to improve advertising efforts and boost engagement.

Ad Age

  1. Create content people want to share

    Photos, videos, blogs, everything. Businesses should focus on creating worthwhile content that will promote engagement and start conversations. Any marketer will say that storytelling is a major aspect in creating valuable content, and that’s true, the idea is to know the desired audience and create stories around the user experience. Creating shareable content gets people talking about the brand and will start up an organic word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

  2. Innovation is appreciated

    Take a lesson from Domino’s and get in touch with technology. While not every business can spend millions of dollars in new technology innovations, technology is more readily available now than it ever has been before and it should not be ignored when trying to market (especially to millennials). Facebook announced new updates at their recent F8 event that businesses can really capitalize on making it easier for smaller companies to use technology to enhance user experience.

  3. Brand Identity is key!

    Possibly the biggest lesson learned at the conference was the importance of having a thorough brand identity that will resonate with consumers. Over time, people have developed a strong dislike for ads, but gained a love for brands and brand experiences. For example, the Chevrolet customer believes that the journey is more important than the destination and in going the extra mile, while the Royal Caribbean customer is seeking a new, unique experience and hoping to go where they never thought possible. When brands develop brand identities, they attract customers that share the same values. These shared values are the foundation of customer engagement. Brand identities create personalities for their brands that consumers relate to and, in turn, feel more inclined to engage because they feel a real connection with the brand.

While the industry continually changes, the idea of valuing customers has remained the same. Contact us today so that we might help your business take advantages of these changes and help it thrive.


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