Top 3 Posts to Put on Your Social Media Content Calendar As a Small Business

Bg Digital Group Top 3 Posts To Put On Your Social Media Content Calendar

Planning out content for your social media accounts a month ahead is a great way for your business to stay organized, and it ensures that you’re presenting the best posts possible. This method allows you to draft your posts so that when it’s time, there are minimal to no grammatical errors, over or under cropped pictures, and is presented in the best light at the best time without actively taking time out of your day to hastily create a caption and post. As a small business you may ask, “What type of posts should I be planning for?”, and depending on the services or products you provide, these posts can range from “Do’s and Don’ts”, to “Correct Installation/Application”. However, there are a few posts that can set your social media accounts above the rest. Let’s explore BG Digital Group’s top 3 posts to put on your social media content calendar!

1. Employee/Team Highlight

Making connections is a key factor in growing and building a successful business, and the team that keeps it running is important to you. When it comes to having a small business in eastern North Carolina, community support is a pillar in success. Giving your team or even yourself a spotlight can make a difference. Posts about birthdays, accomplishments, and well wishes allows your social media audience to make a personable connection to the individuals who make up your business – not to mention the morale boost for your team members. The personable posts don’t have to stop at team highlights, showing them on the job and in action can facilitate building trust between your business and a potential customer or client. For owners, plan a post highlighting yourself! Share your accomplishments, background, and why you started your business.

2. Expert Posts

We’ve established the need for personable posts, but your audience is also looking for you to deliver on a professional level. Expert posts are where you can show your knowledge of your trade, service or product in a quicker and more convenient form than just having your information on your website. When it comes to social media, there’s a chance that the user viewing your post may be viewing your content for the first time and likely hasn’t visited your website where your work and services are fully displayed, that’s why it’s important to create every post on a professional level. Consider a Q & A format where you can answer common questions, whether it’s about your services, products, or just your individual business. Posts about common mistakes made in your industry can give a sense of seniority to your audience about your business. Facts about a common, popular product or service you provide displays your knowledge while also doubling as advertisement.

3. Social Media Holidays

Since social media’s sonic boom of growth in the past 15 years, many holidays have grown or been created. There is a holiday with a hashtag on almost every day of the calendar year, and as a small business of coastal Carolina, you can greatly benefit from this. First find the holidays that relate to your business or audience. For example, if you own a coffee shop or cafe, making a post on September 29th for National Coffee Day while using your caption to ask your followers which drink is their favorite, is an optimal way of relating to your audience while increasing engagement. And don’t forget to utilize accompanying hashtags to increase the possible number of users that will see your post. Because there are so many of these holidays, it’s important to limit how many you choose to participate in, so in this case, less is more.

Curating content specifically for your business’s page gives you an advantage in conveying knowledge, care, and transparency. By adding the types of posts discussed to your calendar, you have a greater ability to maximize your social media impact, and with social media marketing evolving and becoming a big asset, your presence on popular platforms is something that deserves attention to detail and expertise. If you’re looking for an expert team to help boost your social media reach, give us a call today!