3 Winning Calls To Action For the Holiday Season

Bgdg Calls To Action

Another year has come and gone as we approach a new holiday season on the Crystal Coast. For small businesses in the area, this means catering to your social media accounts to fit the upcoming holidays. When writing copy for your business, including a call to action or “CTA” is critical. By definition, a call to action is the “push” or stimulus to do something in order to deal with a problem. And based on the product or services your business provides, you could be the solution to a potential client’s problem. Few things remain constant for a call to action. They must be compelling, clear, and concise, and if it’s on your website, it should be impossible to miss. To really get into the holiday spirit, BG Digital has compiled 3 winning calls to action for your use this holiday season. Let’s take a look!

Start Your Journey Toward X

When it comes to your website, you have presented all of the information about your business. And with all of that info, you must invoke emotion. With the new year approaching, lots of new journeys are beginning. The verbiage of this CTA implies the beginning of something new, a fresh start. And who doesn’t love a clean slate? This allows the reader to envision themselves on the journey and adds motivation.

Reserve Your Spot Now

The sense of urgency is another great key factor in successful calls to action. In our previous blog discussing 2022 Marketing Trends(link blog) we covered that the use of webinars and virtual events will grow exponentially. This CTA is perfect for advertising those types of events. The use of the word “reserve” is related to things that people want. When you think reserve, you think reservation to a popular restaurant or access to an exclusive event. Make your reader feel special by offering them access to your exclusive event.

Get Inspired

Just because a CTA is short, sweet, and simple doesn’t mean it’s not well thought out. This particular CTA conveys that A, you know what your business has to offer and you want to share it and B, the reader will gain something by clicking. The holiday season is a breeding ground for inspiration so use it! The common theme throughout creating a CTA is phrasing. The way you phrase your calls to action can influence different outcomes.

Reverse CTAs

Typically, when you are presenting a call-to-action in a pop-up form, you will present a reverse option. Your reverse option should be cohesive with your chosen CTA. For example, if your CTA is “Yes! Teach me your secrets!”, your reverse option would be “No thanks, I’ll figure it out myself”. In terms of design, your reverse CTA should be presented below your CTA in an un-bolded and small font in a basic color such as black or gray. The use of creativity in the no option will still leave a memorable impression on the reader.

A good, well-constructed call to action can carry a lot of weight. And the best way to understand how well you are performing is by conducting testing. User behavior tools will allow you to collect data to see who’s engaging and clicking. Taking things a step further, you could also begin A/B testing to compare two versions of the same page while only changing the CTA to see how well it performs against the latter. If you’re looking for an expert agency to help you look deeper into performance and testing, give us a call today!