How Real Estate Agents Can Be More Attractive

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Have you ever noticed that real estate agents are usually good looking? Working with real estate marketers is fun. Their job is to promote our lovely area while showing people the best places to live on the Crystal Coast. Studies show it helps to be pretty and real estate agents know a great photo on their card can kick up their business. So why do they walk around with outdated marketing plans? Destination marketing pays off when all of the components of a solid marketing campaign are used. Below are three simple steps to helping your real estate business gain new prospects while keeping everything about your marketing attractive.

Before & After1. Blogging about your area, your listings and things to to do.Create a blog for your business and have someone regularly post about the local’s perspective living on the Crystal Coast. Posting several times a week will help with placing appropriate keywords on your website further advancing your search engine optimization. Don’t forget to also share new listings on your blog and write about its amenities, proximity to area landmarks and also take advantage of telling your followers about all of the fun events going on here on the Crystal Coast.

2. Post regularly on social media. Linking all of your social media posts back to your blog will help visitors get to know your website, peruse your listings, and find out about all things coastal. Additionally, social media offers the chance for you to develop a relationship with potential clients, which is one of the most important aspects of the sales process.

3. Have a great website. This is one of the most overlooked ways of attracting new customers and one of the most important. An aethestically pleasing, responsive website is a must-have today. We have worked with many businesses who don’t put enough emphasis on updating their sites. A horribly designed website could be the reason people leave your site for another. An outdated website not only lacks up-to-date technology and search engine optimization features but it also makes your company look old-school (and not in that cool, Instagram, vintage sort of way). Imagine standing next to your competitors in your grandma’s house coat with curlers in your hair. This is sorta how you are viewed next to your competition when you keep an outdated website.

Imagine Bellagurl as your digital stylist that doesn’t judge. We’ll take your current marketing plan and revamp it along with your online image. After all, who doesn’t love a makeover?  Call us today to schedule your free consulation so we can make marketing that matters for you.

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