The StoryBrand Framework

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When it comes to marketing, there are an overwhelming amount of methods and strategies. Those methods and strategies are certainly not a “one size fits all” deal. Have you ever attempted a method and didn’t see the return that other business owners were receiving? That could be because the services or products you offer don’t benefit from using that particular method.

The StoryBrand framework is designed to improve your business’s marketing strategy by clarifying your message. And the best part is that most, if not all businesses can benefit from this framework. Let’s take a look at what makes StoryBrand so effective!

What is the StoryBrand Framework?

StoryBrand was created in 2017 by marketing innovator, Donald Miller. At it’s core, StoryBrand offers a solid framework that can have a positive domino effect on your small business.

The framework includes seven steps to better your business.

Step One

Identify your character/hero. In this case, that will be your customer. Use a marketing strategy you’re confident with, engage and attract your ideal customer.

Step Two

Identify the problem your customer is facing. Your “hero” has obstacles to overcome before they find success.

Step Three

Your hero meets a guide, the guide being your business. Have empathy to understand your hero’s problem while also having authority to help your hero overcome their obstacles.

Step Four

Give them a plan which doubles as their solution. Convey your plan without confusing them. A simple overview of your solution is enough.

Step Five

Call them to action. The use of a direct and a transitional CTA. A direct CTA would be calling them to get started now, while a transitional would offer more information on how your business can provide a solution.

Step Six

End the story with success. Paint a clear version of your hero’s future and continue to remind them why they chose you.

Step Seven

Help them avoid failure. Remind your hero that they won’t receive the growth or even go back if they fail to choose you as their guide.

Next Steps

When you put those steps together, it goes like this. A character (your customer), has a problem and meets a guide (your business), who gives them a plan (your solutions) and calls them to action that ends in success and helps them avoid failure.

Storybrand has the ability to help leverage story to drive engagement. Your hero wants to find success and resolve their problems, you are there to provide a clear solution. When sharing your solution/plan, it’s important to keep things simple. When you confuse, you lose.

Properly expressing empathy for your hero’s problem allows a bond of trust to be created. Closely following, display your authority over their problem. Convey that your business has what it takes to help them overcome their obstacles.

About BG Digital Group

The steps of StoryBrand are readily available, but true knowledge on how to best use these steps comes from the experts. BG Digital Group is StoryBrand certified and has successfully helped hundreds of businesses. Our team will help you clarify your message throughout all of your marketing, on your website, in emails and on digital ads. Then your ideal customers will listen and want to work with you. If you’re ready to take a step towards growth, give us a call today!