Email Marketing: Optimizing Your Approach

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When it comes to marketing, very few things are certain. What is certain is that email marketing has been, and still is a powerful and effective tool. In part one of this blog, Email Marketing: Choosing the Right Fit, we discussed the pros and cons of the top-performing email services.

After you’ve chosen the best fit for your small business, next comes the task of utilizing your emails in the most efficient and effective way possible. One thing most people can agree on is that no one wants more emails that have no benefit to them. Your emails must stand out, offer, and engage, which is often easier said than done. In this part, you’ll discover tips on how to make the most of your emails. Let’s take a look!

Entice your audience with a clever subject line.

When you open your personal email, particularly on a mobile device, the first thing you will see is the sender of the email and the subject line. Your subject line is how you’ll entice your recipient to open your email. A common and effective practice is to use actionable language in your subject line.

For example, “Reserve Your Table Now” draws more attention and interest than “Need a Place Dinner?”. Other viable options for actionable words are take, buy, and ask. Encourage your recipient to take action!

Personalization is key!

Covered previously in 2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Know, personalization of emails will be a key to success. We understand it may not be possible to personalize every aspect but taking the time to personalize where applicable will yield better results.

Speaking to the specific needs of your recipients will foster a connection that could transform into a working B2C (Business-2-Consumer) relationship.

Keep it short and sweet.

Once your recipient has opened your email, they must be immediately engaged or you run the risk of being moved to the trash bin. Avoid that trash bin by keeping things short and sweet. This goes for all of your emails outside of private correspondence.

For example, newsletters work best with 4-sentence intro, a bulleted list, and a concise outro. Use your emails to shine a light on where the bulk of your content is displayed, such as your website or social media platform.

Colorful and interactive layouts are best.

If you’re not already familiar with Canva or other graphic design services, here’s the time to get acquainted. Most people are used to receiving emails with lots of text and maybe a logo here or there. Spice up your email with an interactive, colorful layout.

Including imagery, call-to-action buttons, and an on-brand color scheme catches the eye and entices your recipient to actually take the time to absorb your content.

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Incorporating these few things can change the trajectory of your email analytics. Establishing relevance, discussing benefits over features, and writing in second person are also tips to keep in mind. But like we said, it can be easier said than done and that’s when you can contact the experts at BG Digital Group. We have 15 years of small business success stories and we want to help you be the next one. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!