Lilly For Target: A Social Media and #OOTD Fan’s Dream Come True

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Millions of Americans waited in line, stalked Target’s online store and peppered social media with photos ranging from overflowing red shopping baskets to empty racks and selfies showcasing their disappointment.

That’s right, the Lilly for Target launch was last week and if you weren’t there, well you’re too late. In fact, you were probably too late 5 minutes after the doors opened.

While the verdict is still out on how many feel about these designer collaborations with Target, one thing is for sure: they are a huge success for the store and a trending topic on social media. Lilly for Target, the chain’s most recent collaboration, brings floral patterns and the designer’s famous Palm Beach feel to bargain shoppers worldwide. For a brief moment in time, or about 30 seconds in some locations, the average shopper could afford to purchase these exclusive pieces for a fraction of the brand’s traditional cost, closing the ranks between the exclusive and the attainable.

While there’s something to be said for exclusivity and its impact on pricing, shoppers of all budgets were lining up hours before Target retail stores opened, racing throughout the aisles and piling scores of Lilly floral into their basket. It’s safe to say, churches may have been a bit emptier last Sunday morning.

Chances are, if you search #LillyforTarget today, your Monday morning will look a little brighter. Your coworkers may look a little more like they’re heading to a horse race with the likes of Jackie Kennedy than a cubicle in a fluorescently-lit office. The feel of something bigger, something that’s typically unattainable, is just one of the reasons so many flock to these collaborations. We’re a society of fashionistas who love to show off our finds and daily looks, made to look even more beautiful with a few filters from Instagram. Want to see? Just search #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) and you’ll find over 58 million photos. Now, couple our love of all things fashion with a bargain and well, you have the #LillyforTarget social media explosion with nearly 40,000 Instagram photos — and still counting.

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