How to Create a Blog Post Series Your Audience Will Love

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We all have that one subject we can talk about for hours especially when it comes to your business. There are so many things you can share about your expertise with your product or service that many people want to learn. Sometimes one blog post on a topic isn’t enough, and your readers are left wanting more. This is where a blog post series can help your business dominate over the competition showcasing you to be the expert. You can share your expertise, deliver immense value, and encourage return visits when you break a topic down into multiple parts.

Take a look at our step-by-step ways to create a blog post series.

Choose your topic – This should be easy. What do you have in-depth knowledge about that you could share with your readers? Need help getting started on that blog with an exciting intro? Check out our blog on how to create enticing introductions

Map out your series – Write down a list of things you could talk about within that topic. This will help you to plan out how to break up your content into a series. How many posts will your series consist of? How will one subtopic lead into and relate to the other? Don’t forget to include links to each related post in the series.

What’s your time frame? – Establish a time frame for your blog post series. When will you release the next installment? Make sure your posting schedule is regular, so you can build anticipation with your readers.

Write your posts – It’s time to write your posts. While it might be tempting to write the first installment and wait to see what the reaction is, this can run the risk of your posting schedule becoming unreliable. You might have an unexpected interruption, or you might lose sight of what you wrote about in the previous post. Try to write your series close together and release it according to your chosen schedule.

Share your blog series – Social media is a great place to promote your blog post series to your audience. You can even share teasers for upcoming posts with small excerpts or quotes from your content, letting them know what to expect.

Do you have ideas for a blog series but don’t have time to write them? Reach out today!  We have a team of writers that are experts in creating content that helps you get found online.