Your Campaign’s Key Ingredient

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When creating a campaign, advertisers take many factors into consideration, but one key ingredient to a successful campaign is the consumer. A targeted campaign can result in the consumers indirectly marketing your campaign on an international scale. With the latest technology trends, advertising professionals are acknowledging the marketing power that consumers hold within social media.

Your Consumer:

It may seem like a simple solution: launch your campaign and wait for the consumers to market your brand. You cannot, however, tell your audience to invest in your brand and then expect them to promote it just because you supply a hashtag. If you want meaningful results that reach a viral scale, you have to connect your audience to your brand.

So what drives your target market? What is that selling idea that will ultimately spark inspiration within them? What is going to compel the people to market your product or brand on their personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

When reaching a target market, create a campaign that resonates an emotional appeal with your audience. We live in a society where individuals are empowered by a call-to-action. So create a sense of meaning behind your brand that inspires people to become engaged at their own free will.

Learn From a Successful Campaign:

Regardless of your specific target market, all human beings seek significance and meaning within their lives and daily interactions. Marketers are learning so much from advertising campaigns like “Share a Coke” and what is means to let consumers drive outreach success.

share a cokeThis campaign reached global recognition and it is based on one simple idea. It gave consumers a chance to share an experience with someone else. Buying a coke with personalized names on the bottles gave consumers a meaningful experience in which they could identify with the brand. Consumers were in love with the idea of their own personal coke bottle and it sparked a global trend of self-expression. Once the campaign launched, it quickly gained popularity and people began to grab a coke for their loved ones.

This campaign proved how important the power consumers can have on your brand. Amidst the complexity of a campaign, find simplicity in the key ingredient: your consumers. Consumers are emotional and interactive beings, so figure out a way to relate to their hopes, fears, humor, or inspirations. If you can do that, then your consumers may just share their experience with the world.

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