How BG Digital Uses Facebook to Send Leads to Your Website

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As it seems today, so many people are consumed by vanity numbers, like our follower count and likes on Facebook, but what about a much more important number: return on investment? With all the time put into crafting the perfect post for each of your social media platforms, you deserve to know how every minute is worth it. Our social media marketing experts are breaking down what it means to convert visitors into loyal customers on Facebook.

social media


How do we use Facebook to send leads to your website?

  1. Use attention grabbing visuals to stop a scroller.
  2. Listen to each audience and write what they are looking for rather than always selling what you want to push.
  3. Include relevant data and facts that make you an industry authority.
  4. Provide examples and testimonials.
  5. Be personal, but focus on specific content.
  6. Provide links that lead to exactly what the customer wants, not clickbait.

Clickbait: enticing clicks by insinuating the lead will get more than is actually there; attracts attention with a sensational headline, then underwhelms.

Our most effective way of turning Facebook fans into paying customers is to present an offer that your ideal customer would be interested in, lead to a landing page on your website, and exchange contact information for the offer.

These links are so crucial to seeing a return on your investment in social media marketing. After all, humorous images and locally focused content are really useful for creating a brand personality, but they don’t turn visitors into customers.

One of the most frequently asked questions a social media marketer at BG Digital Group might get is, “Aren’t you just posting? How much effort does that really take?” But take into consideration all the tools that we have at our fingertips to create goals and campaigns for social media. The Facebook analytics suite has the ability to measure click throughs, what time of day most of your target audience is online, and so much more. With all these resources available to us, there’s no excuse not to have a social media campaign that is quantifiable and unified with your entire marketing plan. Don’t just post, prosper!

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