Local North Carolina Seafood Market Goes Viral With Fun Fishing Video

Blue Ocean Market

Consumers and marketers alike are all victims of getting sucked into our phones, tablets, and computers watching enthralling videos for lengths of times we are embarrassed to admit. As social media continues to occupy more and more of people’s time each day and digital marketing evolves, we see trends favoring video. In fact, one-third of online activity is spent watching video and 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week according to wordstream.com.

Recently, our social media client, Blue Ocean Market, had a video that went viral that we were able to share for them. This locally owned and operated North Carolina seafood market sells fresh seafood that is caught right off the coast of Eastern North Carolina to both restaurants and retail customers daily. They are avid on social media and have quite the following as a result of years of posting strong, consistent, and engaging messaging, but this video seemed to hit the sweet spot for them.

Blue Ocean Market

Blue Ocean MarketBlue Ocean Market

The owner took a video of Jack, his six-year-old son, throwing out a cast net and catching bait for the market.  We posted the video as a Monday Motivation post and by Tuesday, it had quickly gained momentum and achieved viral status – so far garnering over 1.1. million organic impressions and over 70,000 engagements (likes, comments, or shares). The video also attracted 2,624 new followers to their social media channels. We followed up the video showing all of the fish caught with Jack’s bait. Check out the video for yourself here.

Social media users were loving how well Jack could throw a “pancake” and were sharing the video and tagging friends to spread the entertainment. Many users were joking around with the friends they were tagging, playfully noting that Jack, this six-year-old kid, could throw better than the tagged person. Other users were simply in awe and loving how awesome he was. Between people sharing with friends and engaging with the post, larger Facebook pages and even news outlets and Storyful , a worldwide social media intelligence and news agency, picked up the video within a few days. Now, the video is being marketed to the mass media.

Not every video you share is going to go viral, but this story proves a few hard and fast social media rules to live by. When something that users can connect to or relate to, it is going to gain more engagement and is more likely to resonate with audiences and gain momentum. This also shows that putting a personal touch on your businesses’ day-to-day activities and sharing it with your clientele is another great way to reach and connect with them!

If you are looking to reach more customers and share more meaningful and relevant content with them, look no further than BG Digital Group to help you with your social media endeavors. After you take a minute to check out the video of Jack yourself, take a few minutes to please check out our website or schedule a call.!

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