BG Digital Group Attends Raleigh Digital Marketing Conference

Digital Marketing Conference

Recently, our digital marketing team at BG Digital Group had an exciting opportunity to attend an American Marketing Association event in Raleigh, NC. They say the early bird gets the worm and that rang true as our 5am crew downed copious amount of coffee on the drive to hear Meredith Oliver of Meredith Communications discuss the best practices of SEO and website design.

Here are our 4 tips for Website Design and SEO:

1. Your fans come first. 
Nowadays, customers are known as Empowered Buyers meaning that they are more informed, empowered, invested and expectant. Do your research and ensure that your website is targeted towards your ideal audience.

2. Website design is crucial. 
Have you ever gone to a business’s website and thought, “I can’t find anything. This is so confusing.” This is the exact reason why the functionality and design of your website is important. The homepage of your website is your customers’ first impression of your business. Make it easy for them to navigate and to find what they came to find.

3. Use Call to Actions. 
Again, it’s all about functionality when it comes to your website. Making it easy for your customers to “Buy now” or “Find out more” will result in more leads and therefore, more sales. Having clear access to phone numbers and email addresses on your homepage will make it that much easier for customers to contact you. We typically suggest clients have 2-3 CTA’s on every page for optimal results.

4. Content, content, content. 
We cannot say this enough; not having enough content on your website greatly hinders your Search Engine Optimization. We recommend having at least 300 words on every page. Also, including keywords in your content is crucial to your search rankings.

Listening to Meredith’s presentation on FANtastic Marketing helped our team of digital marketing experts solidify our practices regarding website design and Search Engine Optimization. As a whole, we work to ensure that we take every opportunity to learn from fellow industry experts and add to the conversation by attending conferences and webinars.

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