BG Digital Group Celebrates Ten Years of Making Marketing the Matters

BG Digital Group Celebrates 10 Years

My how time flies.

Ten years ago this month, the youngest of my four kids was two years old and I was chasing her around our tiny home while dreaming up a crazy business idea for starting a magazine. I’ll never forget the amazement in my husband’s eyes as this huge delivery truck backed up into our garage and dumped off 10,000 magazines. I piled the kids into our Suburban and set out to deliver the magazines and sell ads for the next issue. I tried to become the mom who could do it all, including bribing her kids with ice cream if they’d behave through “just one more sales meeting!” Some days went better than others and I quickly learned that kids have the funniest observations and sometimes state them at the most inopportune moments. Slowly but surely, and by God’s grace, we grew into two award-winning magazines and websites while adding great employees who shared in the idea of providing local families with great content and fun things to do in our quaint coastal town.

Fast forward 10 years and we’ve made big progress, a few mistakes, changed our name and shaved off our print publishing business. BG Digital Group has grown into one of eastern North Carolina’s leading content and digital marketing companies. The best business owners know that growth requires change and adaptation, and we’ve done just that to accommodate the ever-changing online world and it has contributed to our growth. Adventure has proven key in our success as our team of creative go-getters has braved the heat while covering the thrilling Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, danced with SasSea and her friends at the North Carolina Seafood Festival, enjoyed the area’s best wine and craft beer at Beaufort Wine and Food events and even ran with Ollie, the official Pickle mascot of the North Carolina Pickle Festival. While fun is inevitable with this team, they aren’t always posting live from events. However, they’re never without their zest for life and can be found creating out-of-the-box and engaging online content for many local and national brands that represent both B2B and B2C needs. From Northern Virginia to Chicago, our team represent a vast knowledge to help our business partners with experience in design, web development, digital marketing, inbound marketing and social media.

Working in a high-stress environment filled with creative differences and tight deadlines isn’t always easy, but our team thrives at a challenge and ensuring our client partners’ needs are not only met but exceeded. We do whatever it takes to achieve success for our clients and in doing so, make it our daily mission to ensure everything we create matters for our clients, community and each other.

This is what matters:

  • designs we create meet client goals and catch eyes;
  • interactions we create, or partake in, leave clients and employees feeling encouraged;
  • reports we create show how and what we do for the clients matter in the investment they are giving us; and
  • our community sees that our business matters as one that creates happiness to those it engages or sponsors.

I’m looking forward to what changes, adventures and successes the next 10 years will bring. Without a doubt, there will be challenges and I welcome them, as does my dedicated team. After all, nothing good comes easy and we are looking forward to continuing to grow and change in the evolving online market. The team at BG Digital Group has our eyes on the prize: to be one of the best, most customer-focused digital agencies in the United States. Here’s to dreaming big and that giddy feeling that we all experience when those dreams become reality. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting adventure.

Cheryl Pigott

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