Innovations in B2B Marketing that Matter For Your Business

B2B Marketing

In a world full of emerging technology and reliance on social media, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on and pull your business’s marketing plan to the forefront of the competitive market. In fact, it’s interesting to see how technology evolves, or goes back to the basics, as time goes on. Here’s a few ways we see marketing continuing to evolve in the B2B community:

  1. Email marketing makes a comeback
    Email marketing has been used to attract and inform customers for nearly a decade, and many businesses throughout recent years have begun to abandon it due to the heavy use of the spam folder or low open rates. However, today, due to the use of wearables and dependence on mobile devices, open rates are at an all-time high. Our team of designers and content writers, can help wow your audience and increase open and click-through rates.
  1. Marketing Apps to your Audience
    Creating and sharing content consistently is key in B2B marketing, but office hours and detachment from content streams makes this competitive move difficult to perfect. The emergence of apps, which began about three years ago, allows businesses to give consumers easy access to product sales or essential information. Recently, this same concept is being utilized in B2B marketing, making it easier for companies and businesses to market their ideas and products to other businesses, or even use their services in real-time.
  1. Real-time Quotes and Proposals
    Making deals in the B2B community is viewed as a bit slower than B2C deal-making. Most B2B deals require proposals, meetings and paperwork, typically making the process exceed 24 hours. Because of digital innovation in this commerce market, proposals and quotes are being done digitally via apps, email, and cloud sharing, driving down the costs of procurement and expediting the process of closing deals.

There are plenty of ways for businesses to increase their marketing innovation when selling to other businesses, and at BG Digital Group we are aware of the leading ways to help your business stay on the cutting edge of the market. If you own a B2B company and want to see how you can modernize your marketing strategy, contact us today to get started and give your business a competitive edge.

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