Best Practices For Using Print Advertising In Today’s Digital World

Print advertising

For years, print advertising was the darling of most advertising campaigns. Today, there has been a significant reduction in the use of print advertising because of the trackable opportunities in social media and online advertising. As a full-service marketing agency, we know the benefits of using great digital advertising and print advertising. Just because print advertising is viewed with lower popularity doesn’t mean it’s not still useful for your business. Let’s analyze to determine the right recipe for success in both areas of advertising. There are great ways to advertise in the traditional way without having to focus all your marketing efforts on it. Here’s a few of our favorites:

1. Consider All Kinds of Placements and Styles
It may seem like online advertising is the best way to diversify your campaigns, but there are many options for great print marketing when evaluating all of the possible avenues for reaching your potential customers. From business cards, to signs, billboards, flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, brochures, hand-written notes, and more, you’ll be able to find what works for your business and capitalize.

2. Know Your Audience
If you think your audience will react well to print advertising, why not give it a try? The important detail to consider is the diversity of your audience. For example, older potential customers, like 50+ year olds, may not react well to the same print advertising campaigns as twenty-somethings. Business cards may be great for an audience that’s heavily business oriented, but maybe not for retirees. Knowing your audience will allow you to change your advertising plan to fit the needs of different people and budget for exactly who and what you’re targeting.

3. Budgeting
Print advertising can be very expensive, and if you’re not careful on how you budget, you might end up with far too many dated materials. Setting a comprehensive budget for each of your campaigns will allow you to have more freedom to enhance and change your print advertising strategy as time goes on rather than sitting on materials from ages past. Being able to keep your strategy updated will better show how your materials are performing and what you need to change over time to get better results.

4. Monitor Your Results and Make Changes
In a world filled with digital advertising, it’s tough to see whether print advertising is really worth it for your audience. The best way to find out if your traditional ad campaigns are working is by using digital means to prove effectiveness. Design your call to actions to direct consumers to a landing page so you can track the number of page views. Take it a step further and place an offer on that page that captures their name and email so you can further track and convert that lead to a customer. It’s important to gauge whether or not your audience is converting from your ad campaigns, regardless of the method you’re using.

5. Market Your Social Media Accounts to Start a Conversation
Here lies the beauty of combining print and digital advertising. You can start a connection right away instead of putting out traditional ads and hoping to get customers in the near future. Nearly everyone uses social media, so strategically listing your social media profiles help create a sales funnel that is sure to generate awesome leads. From looking at your print advertising, potential clients will be able to go right to your social media pages, follow them, and get immediate exposure to any updates and additional advertising you may be doing.

Whether you’re looking to start your marketing campaign from scratch, begin a new digital marketing campaign, modify your current campaigns, or just gain some direction on how to merge traditional and digital advertising, our team at BG Digital Group can help. As a full-service ad agency, we can do it all, from video production, social media management, all forms of traditional and digital advertising, graphic design, and more. Plus, we can help you strategize a fantastic new marketing campaign that is sure to bring in new customers and leads. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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