13 Lucky Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Increasing engagement Social Media

Friday the 13th is here again! Those who are superstitious are being careful to avoid walking under ladders, steering clear of black cats, and keeping a tight grip on their mirrors. Don’t let the fear of bad luck get in the way of creating captivating social media posts that will capture the attention of your followers.

Here are 13 lucky tips that are sure to boost engagement on your social media posts:

1. Add relevant hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your posts make keywords stand out and help connect with a wide range of people who may be using that hashtag, which can increase engagement on your posts.

2. Make visual posts

Using images, graphics, or videos in your social media posts makes them more appealing and will catch the attention of your followers making them more likely to share the post for others to see.

3. Be mobile friendly

Your followers are more than likely going to read a post that is several paragraphs long and takes a long time to read. They are more likely to engage with posts that have a shorter message and an attention-grabbing visual element

4. Repurpose your content

Creating quality, new content for your customers can sometimes be a long and daunting task. Sharing your content more than once can help you reach out to new audiences and promote engagement from existing content without having to create all new content.

5. Create polls and surveys

Polls and surveys help businesses reach out to their customers and allow customers to engage with the post by giving your business feedback in a simple, fast way. This feedback can be used in future marketing campaigns and shows their interests.

6. Have contests and giveaways

Followers will be more likely to like, share, or comment on your social media post when they are offered the chance to receive rewards or recognition through contests or giveaways.

7. Post frequently

Posting frequently, and at optimal times, allows you to keep and attract followers, update them on your industry or business, and improve SEO. Frequent and timely posting increases the chance that your posts are seen and, in turn, will increase engagement on them.

8. Engage with the latest trends or issues

Keeping up with trends and issues going on in your industry shows your followers that your business is staying up-to-date and is involved. Social media posts about trending topics can spark interest and further increase engagement on posts related to those topics.

9. Monitor engagement with analytics tools

Monitoring engagement across social media platforms can offer insight on what your business is doing right or wrong. The data collected by analytics tools can help you determine what improvements you can make to help engagement on future posts.

10. Show your personality

Social media posts can be a great way to show your audience that there is a real person or group of people behind the brand. Your followers will see who you are, and you can better build a personal relationship with them that will encourage engagement on future posts.

11. Have a clear CTA

Including a compelling call-to-action in your social media post can make it easier for your online community of followers to engage with your post. With a clear CTA you can easily direct them to like or share your post and even continue to the website of your business.

12. Make posts valuable to your followers

Social media posts should capture the interest and attention of your followers. Creating posts that are relevant and useful to your followers will drive them to interact and engage with your posts.

13. Engage with your followers

If you want your customers to engage with your social media posts, it is important to engage with them first. By responding to their comments or questions and acknowledging them, your followers will be more likely to engage with your business online.

Don’t let fear of bad luck on Friday the 13th slow you down from generating appealing, engaging social media posts. Increasing social media engagement is important in strengthening customer relationships and their trust in your brand. At BG Digital Group, we specialize in not only social media management, but also social media advertising. We can help manage your social media platforms as well as make them interesting and engaging for your followers. Contact us today because we’re your marketing good luck charms.

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