Susan’s Tips for Becoming an iPhone Photography Expert

Susan Yates

Susan YatesMeet Susan, our resident graphic designer and art director, and the creative mind that brings our digital marketing ideas to life. A multi-award-winning designer, Susan uses her incredible talent to design advertising and marketing collateral for BG Digital Group and its clients. She is also an accomplished photographer and assists our clients from time to time with professional photography for their advertising needs.

When she’s not lugging around a giant, powerful Canon to capture every shot, an iPhone will do. Whether she’s capturing a shot of James Wesley in action at last year’s Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Kickoff Concert, or just snapping pics of her kids catching something a little smaller off the dock, Susan is an iPhone photography expert.

BG: Do you take photos in-app, or take them and then edit?
Susan: I always use the Camera Awesome app when taking photos on my phone. I feel like I have more control with this app and love the focus on it. It also automatically uploads all the photos I take to my SmugMug account, where I can store photos without taking up storage space on my phone.


BG: What apps do you use to edit your photos?
Susan: I really like Snapseed for landscape photography, but I basically use Instagram for my everyday shots. I really like the look of images shot in natural light, and if the exposure isn’t just right for my liking, I will do some editing within the app.

BG: What adjustments can you make to fix low light photos?
Susan: I usually adjust the brightness slightly, bring down my shadows a bit, and sharpen to about 10%. That usually fixes any exposure problems.


BG: What is your favorite Instagram filter?
Susan: Right now, my favorite Instagram filter is Lark. I like the punch it adds to my photos. I do reduce the filter about 50% almost every time I use it.

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BG: What’s your take on photo shapes for Instagram? Leave some white space or keep it square?
Susan: I like to keep it square. I do come across some images that I love and can’t crop square, so leaving white space is the best option for those.


Follow Susan on Instagram (@susanyatesphotography) for a peek into her life and some photography inspiration, and stay tuned throughout August as we spotlight more of our fantastic employees!

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