Advertising in the Digital Age: Social Commerce

social commerce

For many years now, social media has incorporated online shopping. Businesses see these social media sites as the perfect place for commerce. Social media provides a connection to customers, high conversion rates, and the possibility for instant purchases. Social commerce has seen a great deal of growth online. Now, more and more sites offer “shop now” features on both mobile and desktop platforms. However, recent surveys show that there’s a decline in social commerce across the board with sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all experiencing less shopping activity among millennials.

If not social commerce, then what?

According to a recent Ad Week article, “Social users are deeply connected to each other and to their preferred platforms… Marketers that become one with the site and the communities there stand a much better chance [of making sales].” Brands cannot simply exist on social media, they must engage and commit to the unique culture of each individual platform.

Avid social media users will tell you that each platform offers something different. Snapchat offers users real-time updates and peeks into others’ lives whether that’s their friends, celebrities, or brands. Instagram provides a platform for users to present themselves in a visually appealing way. Pinterest lets users curate their thoughts and ideas and gain inspiration from others.

In order to be successful in social commerce, brands need to approach each platform as they would if they were individuals. Connecting with shoppers online goes deeper than just being visible. Users expect more in terms of meaningful connections. As a brand, it is important to have a defined story that you want to tell. Once that is figured out, your social media strategy will fall into place and you will begin to see growth in interest as well as customer loyalty.

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