Resolve In 2015 to Use Email Marketing to Reach Your Customers

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In today’s fast-paced business world, emailing has become the professional texting. Emails are quick, efficient and a simple way to communicate with your customers and colleagues.

They help you to keep others aware of what may be going on with your company, new changes or big deals and offers that could help

them save.  At Bellagurl, we incorporate email marketing into our client’s business plans and have seen great success when doing so.

Atlantis Lodge, a boutique hotel in Atlantic Beach, NC, incorporated an email marketing campaign for the fourth quarter of 2014 to help increase the visibility and bookings during the “off-season.” By implementing a “Fall Special” email offer and blasting it out to their email list of customers, Atlantis Lodge was able to increase their average number of booked rooms by over 40 rooms! This brought new customers, new experiences and more revenue than ever before; all due to a simple email blast with a clever promotional  strategy.

“Despite a loyal following and increased social media presence, we hadn’t embraced email marketing until Bellagurl made us aware of its impact,” says Donna Nally, Atlantis Lodge manager,”Thanks to our recent campaign to drive traffic during our off-season, we have seen a significant increase in room bookings, and we’re able to maintain a close relationship via email with our loyal vacationers while attracting new families to our family-owned boutique hotel.”

Do you need help broadening your marketing campaign? An email marketing campaign may be just your ticket to a prosperous 2015. Along with email, you can complete the campaign with social mediablogging or website design and development. Let an award-winning team assist you; call Bellagurl. We make marketing that matters.

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