Inbound Marketing: Moving From Interruptive to Interceptive

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How many of you either fast-forward your DVR or change the radio station when a commercial comes on? Our guess is that many of you raised your hands (we’re even guilty of it too). Why are we still marketing to our audiences on mediums that they no longer watch? Instead, shouldn’t marketers entice consumers to tune into our offers because it is exactly what they need?

Consumers are demonstrating through their buying habits that marketing and advertising be more personalized and tailored to where they are hanging out – in the digital world. Consumers do not want interruptive messages thrown in their face. Time is valuable and so is our time online. People are searching online to become educated on their next purchase through content that appeals and relates to their habits and situations. This is where marketers need to know how to intercept consumers and serve up relevant content that offers the solutions they are looking for.

This is where inbound marketing comes into play. Inbound helps your business tailor website content, blog posts and social media to be the shiny ball that catches your viewer’s eye. Inbound marketing focuses on a methodology that assists in molding an online presence and providing helpful and educational information for your ideal customers that speaks to them and their exact interests and needs.

Contact BG Digital Group today and learn the tactics of leveraging your company above your competition by identifying your buyer personas and shaping your digital presence to appeal to your exact customer, understand their obstacles and be their solution.

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