Four Social Media Trends You Need to Know to Survive 2015

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The challenge in social media marketing is that everything, from your audience to your platforms to the technology we use, is always changing. The platforms are dispersing, giving businesses more options than ever on where they can advertise and what audiences they can reach. If you’re feeling intimidated about how to approach social media for the new year, Bellagurl has predicted four social media trends that you need to know in 2015. Get ready to adjust your marketing accordingly. 

Snapchat will become the an integral micro-vlogging tool for business. 

If you think Snapchat is a dying fad, take a look at General Electric, who used the social media platform to make science a lot of fun in 2014. Send them a snap, and they will reply with footage of some sort of experiment that is going on in their labs that day. Even better, you can watch their story for a fun, step-by-step video of how they are completing one of their latest projects, or fun science trivia. Why would GE do this? It’s pretty simple: do you know everything that GE does? After communicating with them on Snapchat, it’s easy to see that they have their hands in everything. You’ll learn about new products and services they offer, feel like you’re getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look, and also learn about other companies that they are working with to create all the products you use every day. And the best part is, it’s virtually free. Wondering if Snapchat is right for your business? Bellagurl can help you decide. 

Your Facebook audience is changing.

Facebook lost one third of its teen users last year, but is also reporting record growth, up 64% from 2014. That’s more than 100 million monthly active users added in just one year, but the difference is, they’re coming from a new, older generation. This could be great news for your business, depending on who your demographic is. As an older audience gets on Facebook and learns about the new services they offer, you may see Facebook users becoming more willing to make purchase decisions on social media. 

S-Commerce is the New E-Commerce.

How is Facebook changing to adjust to this older demographic? In 2015, you’ll see Facebook unveil a new payment feature within Facebook’s popular Messenger app, similar to that recently rolled out by Snapchat last year. Facebook also has an option to save your credit card information to use with e-commerce merchants that connect with their customers through the social media site. Nowadays, that’s almost everyone, so don’t get left behind in 2015. 

Facebook and Twitter are also beta-testing their “buy” buttons. This is the call to action that we have all been waiting for on social media: it appears alongside certain tweets and posts, and within two clicks, users can make a purchase. What does this mean for your business? An end to comparison shopping, all thanks to a call to action that encourages customers to act quickly and buy now. Global commerce sales are estimated at over $1.2 trillion last year. This year, social commerce is projected to represent 5% of all e-commerce in 2015, a cool $15 billion. 

Social Advertising is Getting More Discreet.

Expect to see a bigger variety in social advertising. Facebook ads quickly became stale as users could easily differentiate between their friends’ posts and a sponsored post. But in 2014, Facebook began offering auto-play video ads to advertisers to grab users’ attention before they had a chance to judge the ad. Twitter rolled out a variety of new tweet cards. Snapchat started sending their users fun animated ads. In 2015, you have the opportunity to make your marketing more tailored and better integrated. 

Changing your social media marketing plan doesn’t have to be a scary process. As marketers, it is our job to stay on top of trends so your business stays relevant. If you’re looking to expand your business’ social media platforms or explore the world of S-Commerce, contact our social media specialists at Bellagurl. Our team looks forward to helping build your business in 2015 and making marketing that matters for you!

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