How Do You Find the Best Website Design Company in North Carolina

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As a business owner, you may have asked yourself, “How do I find the best website design and development company in North Carolina to design my new website?” Finding the right company for your business is important

and your reasons for choosing a website design company may be different from another company. It’s all based on needs. Below are a few items to consider when choosing the company that you will trust to design your new website:

1. What is their track record on creating websites? Peruse their own company website and note what they have designed. Check to see how long the company has been around because many begin designing websites as a business but then lose interest when the customers actually demand a finished product. Some can’t take the scrutiny of customers and deadlines and then their “website business” falls to the wayside. Being able to see a solid track record of consistent business is always a great sign that you can trust a company with your investment.

2. Do the websites have great design? Their websites must be easy to navigate, have eye catching photos and clearly achieve goals. Also, just because someone knows IT doesn’t mean they can design an awesome website. You wouldn’t hire your general contractor to decorate your home, nor should you call a guy who knows some code and tech terminology to design the part of your marketing that will be attracting customers.

3. Do they have great SEO and content? Designing a website that is cool is important but providing great written content that actually helps search engines find you is the icing on the cake. Make sure your website content writers are actually certified in inbound marketing, which shows they know the right ways to attract visitors and leads to your business.

4. Does this company have coding knowledge? With so many companies out there advertising free websites, you have to wonder why would you hire someone to build your website? Well, remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for”? Sure, I could build a house myself, but I know it wouldn’t look as nice as a home developed by a custom home builder. I understand if I hired an expert, everything would work the way it should. It’s the same idea behind websites too. You are basically building something from nothing. When you don’t have the experience to create it, it will not come out the way you envisioned. We meet with tons of people who want us to fix their “free” websites. Now that just seems silly when you could have called a website designer and developer in the first place and saved a lot of time. Also, beware of website designers who use these “free website” companies to design your website. Usually, these free websites lack the SEO needed to really help your business and in the end could harm your marketing efforts.

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