Celebrating Your Community's Spirit

Festivals and events represent all that is great about your community. Perhaps your festival and event could use a brand lift because you need more attendees and sponsors. BG Digital Group is one of North Carolina’s top marketing agencies that specialize in event marketing and promotion.

For over 10 years, we’ve partnered with some of the state’s most beloved festivals, tournaments and events to deliver results that elevated their success! More followers, impressions, and engagements can lead to more sponsors and who doesn’t love that?

Engaging Followers For Year-Long Impact

BG Digital Group provides a dedicated, year-long digital marketing strategy that can have an impact on an event's success. We work specifically with festivals and events and have streamlined everything needed to grow. In fact, we’re members of the NC Festivals & Events Association to help educate and meet new festivals!

By transitioning your festival from a short-term to a long-term approach, you will not only increase your digital impressions but also strengthen your community ties, enhance sponsor relations, and ultimately, grow festival attendance. Talk about getting a brand lift!

Unifying Your Festival's Identity

Our team offers expert custom graphic design services tailored to meet your festival or events diverse needs. Whether it's creating visually stunning graphics for social media, crafting professional and appealing sponsorship brochures, or designing an engaging and user-friendly website, we cover it all.

Our approach ensures that every aspect of your festival's visual representation is harmonized, from online to offline. This unified branding strategy not only strengthens your festival’s identity but also creates a memorable and consistent experience for attendees, sponsors, and vendors alike. With our expertise, your event will stand out in a crowded market and leave a lasting impression.

Bringing Your Event to Life Online

In today’s digital age, live social media coverage is crucial for amplifying the reach and excitement of your event or festival. BG Digital Group specializes in bringing your event to the virtual world in real-time.

Our team expertly captures the essence of your festival, from thrilling performances to crowd interactions, and broadcasts these moments directly to your social media channels. Live social media coverage not only engages those who are present but also connects with an online audience who could be your future attendees.

We create a dynamic social media presence that mirrors the energy of your event, fostering a sense of community and excitement beyond physical boundaries. This not only enhances the experience for attendees but also significantly boosts visibility and interest, creating a buzz that resonates long after the event is over!

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Your festival could be our next success story. Connect with BG Digital Group to explore how a sustained digital marketing strategy can enhance your event.
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2024 Festivals


Christopher Perri Memorial Billfish Tournament

May 8-11, 2024


June 1, 2024


April 27, 2024

NC Seafood Festival

October 4-6, 2024

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