Facebook Changes Rules for Promotions

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Social media is today’s best word of mouth marketing and many ways that companies are using social media is through fun giveaways. It’s a great way to showcase products and reward loyal followers.

Facebook has made some changes in the ways your contests can be run. For more information on those rules, you can click here. In the past, you have seen that companies request social media followers to “Like & Share” posts in order to great win prizes. The official Facebook policy does not allow for that type of fan participation. Now, companies are modifying their engagement practices in order to still reward followers AND spread their social reach. Recently, we implemented a “Like and Comment” campaign for The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament with outstanding results. This campaign reached over 40,000 people with over 1,400 likes and over 1,100 comments! They also received over 190 shares even though we didn’t ask for shares. Amazing results!

It just goes to show that creative promotion really engages your customers on social media. If you need to reach more followers or engage the ones you already have, call us today. We make marketing that matters.

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