Big Changes Coming in Digital Marketing

Ad Age Digital Conference

Earlier this year, Bellagurl had the opportunity to attend one of the nation’s largest digital ad conferences. Networking with the industry’s best and brightest marketers was a plus, but being able to take that information and share it with our clients is even more exciting. Over the new few years, there will be major changes in the digital media industry with more and more companies increasing their marketing and advertising dollars online. Also, look for more companies to be sharing their purpose as it relates to whom they are and how they want their consumers to see them. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some takeaways from the Ad Age Digital Media Conference.

Ad Age Digital ConferenceKicking off day one of the conference began with Mark Addicks, the CMO of General Mills, sharing his thoughts on what is next for brands. Addicks noted that brand fundamentals matter more than ever now. Become purpose-led, what does it stand for, who does it seek to serve. “A good brand purpose improves marketing. A great brand purpose transforms marketing,” said Addicks.

Your team must know your purpose and what their job is supposed to be. Your team will share a common starting point and further, back it up with a remarkable product or service. The brand briefing in commercials is really important now in a digital world but the industry is going to continue to change. It’s confusing and complex and what our consumers need to know now more than ever is where, when and how they can get your product. Our teams need a framework of how to function in this complex and ever-changing world. To your board of directors, they need you to talk about the objectives and results. What are you trying you do and what are the results you are trying to get? Another big focus will be content and how people will find it and share it. If you don’t do that, you’ll fail in a big way.  As a company online, we can see all those micro-markets now through your social channels. You can engage with them in a native format or paid format. Join their communities and see how they think and feel about your brand. Remember to define your culture. It’s really hard to change organizational behavior just like it is to change consumer behavior.

Mark AddicksBellagurl was excited to participate in this conference and this is only a brief sampling of what was discussed by these marketing experts. We’ll be back in the coming days to share more on this incredible experience such as social media predictions for the future, and the importance of adapting your marketing plan to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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