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better blogger

Are you in a blogging rut? For many small businesses, blogging is a must to keep new visitors finding your website through search engine optimization, but coming up with new, consistent content can be a struggle. To thrive in the blogging world, you need to understand the types of content that blog readers love, and that will keep them coming back for more.

better blogger

Content Type 1: How-to Lifestyle Posts

The best way to increase your number of return visitors is by knowing your target audience and creating branded content that they will want to try right away. Blogs that provide how-to articles that help the target audience achieve a certain lifestyle thrive and create a loyal following.

Who is doing it right? Williams Sonoma.

Their well-timed posts like How to Throw A Pumpkin Carving Party entice readers to try their ideas right away. Not every article may lead to a purchase decision every time, but these helpful articles create top-of-mind awareness for the brand.

Content Type 2: Awareness Over Conversion

Even if it doesn’t always lead to a sale or conversion, posting interesting content that relates to your target audience keeps readers coming back for more.

Who is doing it right? Buzzfeed.

Since Buzzfeed makes their money from advertising rather than sales, they can solely rely on creating fun and interesting content that makes sure readers spend a ton of time on their site, jumping from article to article. Try being less concerned with sales and more concerned with making sure your site visitors are sticking around to read more interesting content.

Content Type 3: Industry Scoop

Think behind-the-scenes exclusives and up-to-the-minute industry innovations. As a marketing company, it is our job to stay on top of the latest advancements in digital marketing, from new advertising opportunities to the Instagram Buy Button. How could you be offering your readers an inside scoop?

Who is getting it right? GE.

In an article by NewsCred, GE Reports Managing Editor Tomas Kellner revealed the marketing genius behind the massive tech and engineering company: an inside look into the crazy projects they’re working on every day. Their social media and blog prove that they are much more than the appliances they make. Check out this amazing article on a 3D-printed jet engine taking its first test run.

Content Type 4: Exclusive Content

This type of content provides a unique perspective into your business, helping to develop a killer brand personality and letting readers get to know each member of your business personally.

Who is getting it right?

Not to toot our own horn, but we are doing this! A couple months ago, we experimented with creating exclusive content by letting each of our employees share some insider secrets on digital marketing, social media management, graphic design, and more on our blog. The result? An immediate 250% increase in blog views, and significantly improved engagement. 

Check out our exclusive content articles and get to know the members of our team!

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