Websites That Work

If you’re building a website or looking to update your existing site, you want to make sure you create something that is engaging and usable.

However, there’s much more to launching a successful website than what the user sees. It must be fully functional, contain relevant content, be reliable, responsive, optimized, scalable and secure.

At BG Digital Group, we not only build great websites, but we also put them through rigorous tests to ensure they work well and keep users engaged.

We employ the latest in search engine optimization to help your organization rise to the top in consumer searches on the web.

We work with a variety of clients with individual website needs. We don’t use a “right out of the box” formula, we listen and respond with technical and creative savvy focused on each of our clients’ unique requirements.



Custom Web Directory Development: Our client, a group dedicated to increasing the knowledge about Georgian wine, needed a custom website directory to display details about nearly 250 wine producers and appellations as well as the history and culture.

We developed a secure, fast performing website with a user-friendly interface. The new website streamlined the delivery of information and increased visitor interactions.



Our client, a wedding venue, wanted a website that would provide clear information on their wedding packages.

We designed their website with a section for wedding package information that puts pricing front and center, and highlights benefits of each package and the amenities included.



Event Information and Schedule: Our client, a small-town festival organizer, wanted a website that would provide clear information on the event and its schedule.

We designed their website with a schedule of events and easy-to-find festival information.

The new website saw a 70% increase in traffic. In addition, the festival’s social media sites mirror the website in content and design features.

With a single company managing all online content, your messaging stays fresh, and users appreciate consistency and reliability across all platforms.



Portfolio Showcase: Our client, a wedding photography company, wanted a website that would showcase their portfolio.

We designed their website with a clean, minimalist layout that emphasized the photography and made it easy for potential clients to view and browse through their portfolio. The new website saw an increase in inquiries from potential clients.

Another client requested a website that showcased their custom design capability in providing fencing for customers. We created their website with a portfolio of custom fence designs that highlighted the unique features of each project. The new website saw a 20% increase in traffic for fence services.


Clean and simple web design

We design websites that clearly communicate your brand’s story and convert visitors into clients.

BG Digital Group is one of North Carolina’s most trusted and responsive Web Design Companies. With expert knowledge of SEO, BG Digital Group is a professional Web Design Company that enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a marketing industry leader that creates marketing that matters. We have many current and past clients who recommend our Web Design Company services and are completely satisfied with the results. We are also small enough to be human, which means you’ll be treated like you would treat your customers.

By utilizing best SEO practices, we ensure optimizing your website’s meta descriptions, headlines, and keywords to strengthen and broaden your company’s search visibility. We also create professional blog content that delivers rich keyword content which typically results in more overall traffic, engagements and visibility.

We fully understand that top of the line web designs involve consistent communication with our client partners. BG Digital Group guarantees a close working relationship with each client and appropriate response times for any questions usually within 24 hours. We earn our clients trust by honesty, hard work and dedication in reporting campaign management. We value our clients’ time and ensure our best efforts in completing outstanding web designs.

Our highly effective web design and development services include expert strategy, extensive keyword research, content marketing creation while focusing on building brand awareness for your company. BG Digital Group always ensures customization in every campaign uniquely built for your brand. Our fully structured professional campaign will focus specifically on the needs of your business and while having our commitment to strive for maximum results. If you are interested in speaking to someone regarding web design, please contact us today to speak to one of our specialists to get further information.

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