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Sharable Content

Create Shareable Content That Will Increase Your Site Traffic

Shareable content makes your audience want to interact and create discussion about an idea, brand, or other interesting topic. This can range from funny videos and inspirational quotes that you want to share with your friends, to serious current events or helpful, problem solving tips. If you are giving your audience a purpose and helping…

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Is Your Logo Effective for Your North Carolina Small Business?

As a full-service, advertising and marketing agency in North Carolina, we have all of bases covered conveniently in one place for everything your business needs. Not only do we have a team full of expert marketing professionals, we also have a talented graphic designer in our lineup. Our art director, Susan Yates, has been with…

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Tips on using Emojis in marketing

3 Tips to Better Use Emojis in Business

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “emoji”? Perhaps the word is associated with playfulness, texting, or even a hilarious text you sent your best friend last week. Whatever the connotation may be, the use of emojis in business are continuously evolving. A few years ago they would have been deemed unprofessional…

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Creating a Great Infographic

Information Quickly and Clearly Infographics help us to understand information through visuals by using graphs and other tactics that improve someone’s comprehension of a subject. Using these tools can help a viewer understand a complex topic or product in a matter of a few minutes. Everyone learns in different ways. That’s why it’s important to…

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Megan Smith

Meet Megan Smith

Megan is a new intern at BG Digital Group for the 2019 summer. As a rising senior at Appalachian State University, she has made a lot of impressive accomplishments throughout her time in both her academic and school involvement. Megan is completing a major in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a minor…

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Caroline Wagner

BG Digital Group New Summer Intern Caroline Wagner

At BG Digital Group, summer not only means warmer weather and more days spent at the beach, but also new interns! BG Digital Group’s internship program offers many different opportunities to gain new experiences and grow professionally. Caroline Wagner is one of our new interns that will be spending the summer with us here in…

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Marketing With Video Engages And Attracts

When putting together your marketing plan, it’s important to ensure you set aside part of your monthly strategy for video marketing. Why? Because 87% of consumers would like to see more video from brands in 2019. In fact, a Facebook executive recently noted that Facebook will be all video within five years. In 2018, video…

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Kaplan Morrell Law Firm

A StoryBrand Website Launch: Kaplan Morrell Attorneys at Law

We recently had the pleasure of creating a brand new mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and StoryBrand website for Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Kaplan Morrell Attorneys at Law. Kaplan Morrell has been helping injured and disabled workers obtain the rights and benefits they are due under the workers compensation, social security disability, and employment laws of Colorado and…

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