Topic Clusters: The Next Big Thing in SEO

Topic Clusters

Anyone who is familiar with search engine optimization knows that it is a constantly changing and evolving process. Previously, when we thought of SEO we thought about the importance of keywords. This is because in the past, people would simply search a fragmented keyword, or keywords, pertaining to what they were searching for, but that is not the case today.

Today, search engine users are more likely to input more refined phrases or questions. Since users have changed how they are searching for information, search engines have changed their algorithms and can now comprehend the topical context of what people search for and provide better results. In other words, search engines have shifted their focus from keywords to topics. This shift in search engine algorithms has led to a shift in SEO called the topic cluster model.

The topic cluster strategy involves using high-volume keywords and changing the architecture of your website. At the center of the topic cluster is the pillar page. This webpage acts as a main hub for a broad core topic and covers all aspects of the topic. It should include a specific keyword that the cluster pages can link back to.

Cluster pages fall under the main topic of the pillar page and are much more detailed and specific. These subtopic pages are connected to the pillar page through internal links and vice versa. Ultimately, all the cluster pages should link together via the same high-volume keyword, and that keyword should link back to the main pillar page.

Topic clusters can get your website higher rankings, increase your website’s traffic, and boost conversions. They can also improve the results from all the content published on your site around a given topic. This shift to the topic cluster model involves changes in keywords as well as changes in the structure of your website.

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