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Being one of the top digital agencies in North Carolina, Bellagurl is always watching trends in digital marketing. Now, we are seeing huge a movement to market to the more than 80 million millennial shoppers and their annual spending power of over $600 billion.

According to Adriot Digital’s January 2014 study, 60% of millennials say social advertising has the most influence in how a brand and its value are perceived while only 35% say TV is the most influencial advertising channel. It’s no wonder that networks are scrambling to find ways to reach millennials online and not through traditional means. Sony is working to provide a web-based TV service and announced last week that Viacom will provide 22 networks, including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to stream to customers over the internet. Don’t pull all of your traditional advertising yet though, 70% of millennials noted that television was the advertising medium that influences them most in how they perceive brands. As you can tell, the marketing and advertising industry is trying hard to figure out millennials and you should be too.

Three simple ways businesses can focus on millennials is through social mediacontent marketing and great videos on your website. Bellagurl is assisting businesses throughout the state of NC to make the shift to digital marketing.

Is your busines ready to conquer the switch to all things digital? Bellagurl is a top digital agency that serves North Carolina, Virginia and beyond that creates marketing that matters. Contact us today so we can help take your business online and help your audience find you.

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