Three Tips On How to Never Waste Content Again

Tip to never waste content

Content marketing is one of the toughest things to do when trying to manage your business’ marketing plan. Why? Because content must be created to be interesting, different, and high-quality at all times. It’s not just business owners that struggles with this; even the best marketers with years of experience can run into road blocks when trying to come up with consistent and awesome content for their audience. The pressure is high in content creation because there’s so much competition. So, how can you avoid repeating content or even running out of content ideas? One of the answers is content repurposing. Here’s a few ways that you can turn older content into brand-new, intriguing content that your target audience is sure to love!

Batch Your Content Ahead of Time
Batching content not only takes the stress off of designing new content on the fly, but it also helps you change up your content as time goes on. If you plan a schedule for posting ahead of time, you’ll be able to think about it, look back to prior posts, and switch anything in or out of your schedule. This creates a bigger picture for your marketing plan and allows you to remember things that you may not have thought about while planning earlier.

Repurpose Relevant Past Files (Paper Files, that is)
Has your business been around a long time? Did you used to primarily use traditional print collateral as your main form of content marketing? Great! That means you have things that haven’t yet been shared on all the platforms of social media and blogs. Repurposing printed files is a great way to come up with new ideas and remember some of the things that may have become forgotten. Chances are people have liked what you have done from the beginning. Pull out those old files during a brainstorm session one day and see if you can grab any ideas from successful campaigns of the past. Of course, this can be a slippery slope. You never want to share outdated information or manipulate market changes for the better. Try to come up with ways to find content ideas, don’t just repost old information.

Skyscraper it!
This is one of the nuance terms in marketing, and it’s being used by businesses, corporations, bloggers, and influencers all over the country as a way to repurpose already popular content and hold on to great ideas that are not ready for the public’s eye. To skyscraper something, this means you’re building on a small, but good idea. A great way to start skyscraping is to think about keywords in your business and do a search on them. From there, start a list of the popular information already published on those keywords. Essentially, you’re looking for the top performers on the list of words and concepts. Thinking about our past SEO and keyword blogs, our team knows how important the usage of keywords is for online marketing. With skyscraping, you’re looking to use these keywords for SEO purposes, just in a different way than your competitors. You want new content. Now here’s the twist. Skyscraping is about taking keywords that your business or your competitors have used before and creating inspired content that’s completely different than anything that’s been produced before. Popular keywords are well-liked for a reason: people search them. Take a few weeks to think about these ideas and how your business can add new content to them. Building upon these keywords will allow your business to work its way into a sphere of popularity without getting lost in the sea of repeating content produced by many other businesses and competition. Sitting on an idea and growing off it with time is the best way to turn something simple or repetitive into something different!

Does your business need help with content marketing? BG Digital Group can help. Whether you have older content from a prior marketing campaign that went ignored, or maybe you’re hitting a road block in new content production. Maybe you have so many ideas but never got a chance to build on, or your business has simply never produced much content, our team knows exactly what it takes to come up with a new, creative plan that’s sure to grab your audience’s attention. We get it; content marketing can be difficult, especially when you’re already trying to run your business. As a business owner, it’s understandable to take a prioritized position on other things. But trust us, with our help, you’ll never waste content (or time) again! Give us a call today to get started on your new content marketing plan.

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