Small Business Tip: How To Engage Your Small Business Team To Perform Their Best

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We care a lot about small businesses because we understand the enormous amount of stress that owners and managers are under. From taking care of customers and employees to generating sales, the role of a small business owner can be daunting. We’re here to help not only through marketing solutions but through business solutions. Last month, we spoke with Carlie Lockey with Remarkable People Solutions on how to hire the right team members. Now that you have great team members, what do you do to inspire them to represent your company at their best? That’s where Patrick Conneely comes in with his awesome business tip. Patrick and his wife own the Chick Fil A in Morehead City and their teams are amazing. There is no mistake to how this happened; it comes from thoughtful and intentional work at building their teams. This month, Patrick shares how to be intentional and inspire your team to do their best.

Patrick feels that recruiting and selection is 80% of the battle in finding great team members. Once you have the people who are an awesome fit for your organization, he asks the question of how to you engage them to be the best they can be. He notes that it’s important to define the win for each person on your team and let them know what winning or losing looks like in their particular job. A way to do this is through leadership engagement. When Patrick’s team members arrive at work each day, the leadership team is instructed to welcome them and ask them what winning looks like for them that day. When they do this, they are also taking a quick temperature on their needs or emotions for the day so they can be aware if something is going on behind the scenes that could affect their performance. This is a great first step in getting to know your team on a professional and personal level so you can note how to best lead them.

We always love to hear what other business leaders are reading so we can improve our minds and hearts. Patrick shared with us some of his favorite books onbuilding a great business, like The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

One podcast that we at BG Digital Group are listening to is Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller. Right now, Donald is preparing a Marketing Made Simple Summit and will be launching his next book entitled Marketing Made Simple, which will surely be another bestseller. If your business needs help making your marketing simpler, reach out! We love helping small businesses and would love to help you too!