What We Learned at mfgCon: Lessons in B2B Marketing

bg at mfgCon

In a business-to-business (B2B) world, marketing to other businesses presents challenges that are different from marketing to your average consumer. How do you choose which specific outlets are right for you to achieve your full-service approach?

BG Digital Group recently attended the mfgCon in Winston-Salem, NC.  We met several amazing, dynamic people within the NC manufacturing/engineering community and gained perspective on the needs of these B2B companies.  Here are a couple common questions/areas of interest among this demographic:

  • How important is social media when marketing to a business rather than directly to the consumer?All businesses are run by a person, a human being (or team of them).  Therefore, while the social media approach and platforms chosen may be slightly different and B2B marketing more focused on efficiency and logic rather than emotion and entertainment, creating a consistent presence is still essential.  Most notably for the B2B world is LinkedIn.  Our President, Chery Pigott, presented specifically on LinkedIn – read her key points in our blog here.
  • If we already have an in-house advertising team, what are some ways an outside agency can help us fill in gaps?We found that many companies do have in-house marketing teams; however, very few of them had the ability/budget to hire full-time staff to tackle ALL avenues needed to optimize awareness to their potential customers, as well as current clients.  While BG Digital Group prides itself on being a full-service marketing agency and we encourage brand consistency by having only one hand in this pot, we understand that outsourcing some services may be necessary.  We’d like to be the extension of your marketing department and offer services such as professional consulting, social media management, blog writing, email design and deployment, digital marketing, and commercial video production, just to name just a few.  We encourage all businesses to create the largest footprint possible and take full advantage of the range of media available.

We have a professional and experienced team at BG Digital, and whether you’re in need of starting a campaign or cleaning up a current one, we’re here to help. Give us a call today, and we can help you make your marketing efforts matter.

Highlights from our time at the conference:

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