Jump On The Trend of Influencer Marketing


Think of the individuals you follow on social media and the last time they posted about a product. Did you find their post interesting? Maybe you even clicked to check out the product. People tend to trust what their friends and family have to say and this plays into marketing as well. Influencers are those on social media with a voice that people want to listen to. Their followers engage in their content and trust what they have to say. Using influencers can expand the reach of your company with little effort on your part.

To use influencer marketing, you must find influencers who are already advocates of your brand. Make sure their followers are following them for reasons associated with your brand, such as an individual who posts about new trends in fashion aligns with a clothing company. This ensures their followers will engage with the content posted about your brand and you will reach your target audience through their network.

When you contract an influencer to promote your business, there needs to be a mutually beneficial agreement. Your business is reaching a whole new network of potential customers that may not have otherwise been reached and the influencer should be compensated for that. Some ways you can consider compensating an influencer is through cash, free products or discounts, commission off of generated business or even by offering for them to have creative freedom with their posts.

With inbound marketing growing, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Today, it is not enough to just have a website. Your brand must also be on social media platforms to bring your content in front of your consumers. Influencers are a very simple way to do this and it is a win-win for all involved. Contact BG Digital Group today for social media marketing management. We work with brands and their influencers in generating social content and could help you too!

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